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Sample Work

Non-Profit Organizations & Community Services

As a small company, we are able to help non-profit organizations and community groups by lowering our fees and even donating our services. While some companies occasionally do work for smaller groups, we consider our best efforts to be the work we do for less money, but for the greater good. That's why we've decided to list them first in our portfolio!


Each business we work for is unique - from a small home business to a large international company - and we work with each company to meet their needs and create a look that's either consistent with existing marketing materials or one that's completely new and innovative.


In addition to groups, we also design small sites for local artists as well as family and friends.

Other Projects

  • Social Web - A dynamic interactive social guide run by Daedal Creations that includes customized Events Calendars, Community Service activities, Restaurant Guides, and meeting members with similar interests. Users can advertise their events of any size on the site free of charge. Groups may also purchase dynamic calendar webpage services for their own website.
  • No Evil Project - A combination website and social art project, the No Evil Project's mission is to show that people aren't defined by their labels. Through photographs of a variety of people posing as the three wise monkeys, "See No Evil", "Hear No Evil" and "Speak No Evil", along with three labels and a good deed, we take impersonal labels that may have negative stereotypes, and show real people behind them that are improving the community. Doing so in a fun and informal way allows people to be more comfortable talking about traditionally uncomfortable or taboo topics like race, religion, politics, and sexuality to hopefully change some misconceptions or find common ground. In addition to a social art project, it's also being used in diversity and anti-bullying programs.